Liza got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Years later, she tried her own hand as a ghostwriter of romance. It wasn’t long before she started developing her own series. Now she’s a USA Today bestselling author and she spends her time writing about shifters with fierce hearts.





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  1. Vivienne

    I have a couple of questions please: What books are in the Spellbound Sisters I see that Oracle Adored from Valentine Between The Sheets anthology is book 2 but, 1) What Is book 1’s title & is it available for purchase? 2) Will Oracle Adored be available for purchase separately from the anthology? I am a avid reader & have all of your books to date, but as a rule I tend to shy away from anthologies unless they have more than 1 or 2 of my authors, or the story from 1 of my authors will never be published separately, and because I usually end up repurchasing a book anyway when it is released separately. So please help me with this. Thank You

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    1. Great questions, Vivienne! Thank you for asking! So, Book 1 in Spellbound Sisters is titled Oracle Defiant, and it will be released in just two weeks in the Captivated anthology, which is up for pre-order. Here’s the link: https://www.books2read.com/rh-captivated Both books will be sold separately when they come out of the sets–and we have plans to expand “Oracle Adored” so it’s a little bit longer than it is in Valentine Between the Sheets, which had a word limit. I hope this helps you make your decisions! 🙂


    1. What a great question! Right now, it isn’t part of a series, but I have one planned. All of my Fierce Mates books take place in the same world, though, and that goes for A Brutal Pink, too. In my free story, Irredeemable, there’s mention of a gift going from the Corona Pride over to California for a wedding. 🙂 I hope to do a whole series for the Clearwater Pack soon!


  2. Vivienne

    Hello again, I am curious to know when Oracle Difiant, & Oracle Adored will be released individually please? As I stated previously I tend to shy away from anthologies unless ther book in said anthology won’t be released individually as I always buy the book again upon individual release, or unless there is more than one of my authors in the anthology. As you already informed me that both will be released individually and extended as theres a word limit in anthologies, I been anticipating their release which I hope should be upcoming as Oracle Entangled has just released (hopefully that too will be released I individually as well).


    1. Hi, Vivienne! Okay, here’s the scoop:

      Oracle Defiant is going to be released on its own sometime this summer, but we don’t have a set date yet. However, we don’t have any plans to expand it–it’s a complete book as-is, in the Captivated anthology.

      Oracle Adored *will* be expanded, but we don’t know quite when that will be! Summers are busy with family stuff, and we don’t get to write as much. So it could be as long as early fall before we can publish an extended version.

      Orphan Entangled actually doesn’t have anything to do with the other two books–it stands alone and is also complete as it is in the Fated Mates set. 🙂

      I hope this helps! ❤


  3. Vivienne

    Hello, I apologize for any inconvenience but I have questions pertaining to the Spellbound Shifters series & sub-series, please. I am quite anal about my books being in proper order which is why I have lists of not only my authors, but their books as well, and each series has series name then the books in said series in reading order,& if series has sub-series, or a single title just loosely connected in some wa, then I add the sub-series titles in order as well. The Spellbound Shifters series, The original series is actually a serial or a continuous story, titledSpellbound Shifters: Dragons Enrwined which including the prequel has 5 books, then Spellbound Shifters: Fates which so far has 1 book (Hope Reclaimed), Then comes Spellbound Shifters: Fates & Visions also with 1 book so far (Oracle Defiant), which leads to my question is Orphan Entangled part of a new sub-series or does it go in one of the others please. I know I probably sound crazy but I did mention I am anal when it comes to my books. I understand that to anyone outside my family (o.k to even my family) I sound quite loco but I accept & embrace my crazy, anyway please help I need to know where it goes in both my kindle and my list to maintain some semblance of sanity. Thank you

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    1. Vivienne, it makes perfect sense that you would want to have all of the books in order! I think this page here will answer your questions and give you an up-to-date list: https://lizastreetauthor.com/lizas-books/spellbound-shifters/ Basically, Hope Reclaimed and Orphan Entangled each stand alone and we’re putting them under the “Spellbound Shifters Standalones” umbrella. There was a different series title for Hope Reclaimed at one point, and I truly do apologize if it has thrown you off! ❤ Feel free to ask any questions to help keep them straight in your head, Kindle, and list; I don't mind at all.


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