Loving Libraries

My love of public libraries has been nurtured from a young age. Our library was small, but we’d visit fairly regularly. I had my own card and everything, and I’m old enough to remember card catalogs and signing the lined paper in the little pocket inside the book I wanted to check out.


(Side note: it is an adult dream of mine to someday have an old card catalog in my house. I have no idea what I would put in it. But when I’m rich and famous, I’m finding one. Harder would be finding a place to put it, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!)

My love for libraries has only expanded as I’ve gotten older and had kids of my own. Before Covid-19 came around and changed our lives, we went to our public library fairly regularly, where my kids also have their own cards.

Also, I discovered Libby/Overdrive, and I could borrow audiobooks for the kiddos! (They love audiobooks; I am indifferent, mostly preferring to read on my own because it’s faster.) Then, the pandemic came along, and I fell even harder in love with the library! I could get ebooks through it, without even having to leave the house. Totally free, and the authors get paid–it’s a win/win situation.

If you haven’t figured this out already, here are the steps!

  1. Get your library card out and have it ready.
  2. Download the Libby app on your phone (or Overdrive on your Kindle tablet. Overdrive automatically comes with a Kobo e-reader, as I just learned when I got mine for Christmas).
  3. Follow the prompts through Libby, choosing your library, entering your card number, all that good stuff. (I don’t know if things have changed, but this wasn’t 100% intuitive when I did it a few months ago.)
  4. Browse books, select “Borrow” when you find one you want to read.
  5. Choose how you want to read it. If it’s Kindle, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s website to finish the process. Kobo has a different system, which you can read more about here.
  6. Enjoy your library book!

If you’re looking for a specific book (like one of mine!) and your library doesn’t have it, you can request that they purchase it. Libraries have funds for purchasing requested titles, and I’ve taken advantage of that several times.

I think that’s about all! If you have trouble, do contact your local library and ask questions. I’ve had to do this, too, and they’re super helpful and patient. I ❤ librarians.

Fabulous Giveaways and News

There is soooo much going on! I don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with a new book release!

Forever in Forbidden is out now on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Tap the cover for the universal link. Forever in Forbidden will only be available on these retailers for about a week, so don’t wait!

forever in forbidden_small

Second, here some giveaways and book fairs where you can find new books and enter to win awesome things. Tap the images to go to the giveaways.

Vampire Mystery Box – LAST DAY TO ENTER

il_794xN.2286881233_qkivDon’t forget to snag your Story Bundle by clicking here!

Shifters Gone Wild Giveaway

116427678_743492812886440_7586780028257521755_oBe sure to pre-order your copy of the book by clicking here.

July Paranormal Releases

July PNR releasesMake sure you didn’t miss anything last month!

Join the Alpha Obsession Book Club

If you like getting free books (I mean, who doesn’t?) and you like reverse harem stories, then I have a treat for you!

alpha obsession promo 1.png

I’ve teamed up with 11 authors to give away a reverse harem book every month in 2019! It’s called the Alpha Obsession Book Club and I am super excited about it!

This month, Keira and I are giving away Dragon Shattered. Next month, a different book will be delivered straight to the inboxes of book club members! These books are not free anywhere else–the freebie is just for people in the book club.

Click either of the images to go to the book club’s website and join up!

book of the month rules january 1

Also, we’ve got a Facebook group going so authors and readers can hang out, talk about the month’s book, and share goodies! I hope to see you there. ❤