Book Review: A Promise of Fire

promise-of-fire-coverBrilliant book! I loved the characters, and I loved the world–a place where Greek gods are very present.

The heroine sometimes used words or phrases that felt too contemporary for a fantasy world, with some silly idiom replacements “the olive doesn’t fall far from the tree” and “don’t beat around the harpy’s nest” (not exact quotes) which took me out of the story, but compared to how much I liked everything else, that’s such a minor thing.

The voice also had a YA feel to me, which is great because I love YA.

The romance was slow-burn at first, and it was scintillating. Usually I write insta-love, but I’m definitely seeing the appeal of the slow burn! Some of the scenes where Cat makes herself invisible for bathing, but she’s totally naked right there next to him–WHEW!

I also liked how lighthearted the book was. Yes, people died, and there’s some gore and violence, but the tone isn’t dark or gory at all.

This was fast-moving adventure, not a slow-paced epic fantasy, and really it’s the characters I fell in love with, and the characters I want to see more of.

Bitten: The Television Series

Last week on the Pocket Romance blog, I talked about one of my “first loves”–one of the first urban fantasies I ever read, which was Stolen, by Kelley Armstrong. Imagine my utter delight when I discovered her Otherworld novels had been made into a television series!


Unfortunately, the television series didn’t stay true enough to the novels to make me happy. As often happens when I read a series, I get a very good picture in my head of what characters are supposed to look like, from their appearance to the way they move around in a scene, and the film version just did not translate well for me (although Laura Vandervoort is actually pretty close to my imagined Elena, so yay!). The story line is also quite different, and without giving spoilers I’ll say I was disappointed in the finale of Season 1. I tried to watch Season 2, but I was too confused to get into it. I think this is a situation where my love of the books is getting tangled up and confused in what I want the television series to be. I’m curious if anyone else out there has watched the series and liked it, and whether they’ve read any of the books.

Book Review: Hard Hitter

hard-hitterHard Hitter by Sarina Bowen has all the things I love in a contemporary romance–a little bit of suspense, a lot of sexiness, hot athletes, and banter. The book gets an A+ for handling the hero’s backstory, and the heroine’s reluctance to be in a relationship. These were two very complicated characters who I nevertheless loved. Both of their arcs were completely satisfying on their own, yet the fact that they needed each other to make those necessary changes in their lives is what made this such a great romance.

I don’t know much about playing hockey or massage therapy (the hero’s and heroine’s work, respectively), but I felt as if Bowen knew what she was writing about. I felt completely immersed in the spell she wove within this world.

I will definitely be reading more of Bowen’s books in the future!

In other news, I’ll have a cover reveal for you next week! The release date for Savage Yearning is only a little more than a month away!

Three Recent Loves


These books! Okay, let’s do this.

Truth or Beard, by Penny Reid. This was funny! It contained Reid’s usual humor and sense of fun geekery. Seriously, can’t recommend her enough to people.

A Lady Awakened, by Celia Grant. Both of these characters developed so well and thoroughly throughout the story, it was super satisfying to experience. I was also dreadfully curious as to how everything would work out, so if you like not being able to guess an ending, this is a good choice.

Adulthood is a Myth, by Sarah Andersen. Simply hilarious. Maybe took me twenty minutes to read, but I plan on going back through over and over again. As with Allie Brosch’s illustrations, Andersen’s are deceptively simple, yet she conveys so much with just the placement of the pupils within the eyeballs. I’m in awe of this kind of craft.

Book Review: In the Middle of Somewhere

I read this book a few months ago, but it has really stuck with me. Daniel’s journey, especially, struck a chord–he’s from a big city and comes from a family that doesn’t support who he is. The angst in this book is palpable. I mean, even the cover is angsty in its own smexy way.


When he moves to a tiny Michigan town, he meets Rex, a giant sexy man who, in my fantasies, plays for both teams. Obstacles to their relationship, as well as plenty of sexy hijinks, ensue. I loved how Daniel was forced to face down his uncomfortable upbringing and learn how to be a better person, and I seriously loved Rex. So. Much.

If you’re looking for a m/m romance with a good ratio of angst to sexytimes and some solid character development, this would be a great choice!